Solus Design

Solus Design is the moniker I go by for my freelance designs and personal works. I do 3D modeling, animation, video editing, and design.

I have tried to make my experience as varied as possible as to never limit myself in the capabilities that I have. My experience ranges from Website Design, Animation, Game Design, Video Editing, Film, Photography and much much more. 


Video Works

Dear Doodles 3D animated show Environment made with Unity 2019

Soreno Hotel 3D replication for Gregg Perkins Sunshine City Exhibit at St Pete MFA 2018

Seer Analytics Product Advertisement/Tutorials.

Santiago Echeverry’s Crane Wives Performance Art Installation GASP! 2018

Camera Work/Editing by Me

Please use the contact form below, if you have any general questions or requests.

I will try my best to respond back to you within 24 hours.